Commercial Blenders are a great addition to any bar or restaurant. These blenders can crank out volumes of frozen drinks keeping your customers cool. We offer many tools and accessories to keep your blender up to speed as well as replacement parts to ensure you can keep your favorite blender around for longer.

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What type is right for me?

The type needed depends on what you're primarily going to do with it. Bar blenders are OK for light food, but extremely good for crushing ice (Margarita, anyone?) or quickly mixing various beverages. Food mixers usually have more features, options and speeds so you can process foods of all sorts of consistencies and varying degrees of frozenness.

What size container do I need?

Size of the container is determined by how many drinks or food items you plan to blend at a time. For restaurants with the signature daiquiri, where many are ordered at a time, a 64-ounce blender container may be a more practical choice. The restaurant that just needs to mix milkshakes or other drinks on occasion would be fine with a 32-ounce one.