Bar Supplies

Keep your bar organized and adequately supplied at all times with our expansive collection of essential bar supplies. From bar caddies to keg carts, we offer all the necessary equipment to ensure smooth operations in your busy establishment.

Make sure your bartender has the bar tools and bar accessories to get the job done right. In addition to bar spoons, jiggers and openers, and other bar accessories, Burkett offers a large collection of cocktail shakers in plastic, stainless or vinyl-coated styles.

Keeping your bar stocked with the tools of the trade is easy with our complete collection of essential bar accessories. Included are cocktail strainers, funnels and bar spoons, as well as a variety of metal pourers designed to assist with portion control and eliminating waste. Tapered, spill-top and speed-pour are just a few of the styles available with synthetic or natural corks. Keep your bartenders well-supplied with the bar accessories they need and watch customer satisfaction grow.

When it comes to working behind the bar, bar accessories are far more than simply ornamental. These bar accessories are tools of the trade adding speed, functionality and even storage options to the daily operations in a bar. At a home bar, one may pour liquor into a glass directly from a bottle. At the bar however, bar tenders use pouring tools to be sure they are measuring the proper amount of alcohol to help control liquor costs. Since alcoholic beverages are important to make and serve the same way each time, any bar accessories that promote consistency are popular with bartenders. Shop our selection of bar supplies to control costs, store ingredients and make the drinks your guests crave.