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Food Storage

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Preparing and storing food items or ingredients ahead of time increases restaurant efficiency, especially during peak hours. Make sure that your operation has the appropriate storage devices for the food you are storing. Our food storage units come in various types and sizes, all designed to keep your food products fresh until serving.

Our ingredient bins are designed to hold bulk, dry ingredients and come with swivel casters to easily move them around the restaurant or catered party. For bulk refrigerated or dry ingredients, try a food box. We offer various sizes that can store one to 20 gallons of food. It is important to store products at the proper temperature or you run the risk of having food spoil or become contaminated with bacteria that can begin to grow on foods that sits out for too long or is not properly covered.

The other concern about not properly containing food is the risk that you run of cross contaminating foods. If meats or poultry are not properly stored in a refrigerator with a lid properly in place, the bacteria the naturally live on raw, uncooked meat can transfer to foods that are not normally cooked to remove such bacteria. Produce is particularly vulnerable to contamination from other food sources. Be careful and make sure that your food is properly sealed and properly stored.

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